I’m like, really busy.

There is a CrossFit gym right next to my Target. On the outside of the window of the gym there is a sign that reads, “Someone in here is busier than you are.”

Is that so, CrossFit? Now, while I have nothing against CrossFit, I’m gonna level with you guys, this sign makes me want to walk inside and punch someone in the throat. It’s arguable that this is the point, that they want to antagonize me, a non-CrossFitter, into some enraged suburban mom who won’t be proven wrong, and one day I’ll get so mad that I’ll sign up for a CrossFit class to just prove my point. But I’ll really just be proving theirs.

Motivation of such signage aside, I really do get irritated by the sentiment. Maybe they are right. Maybe someone else in there IS busier than I am and they want me to stop using the excuse that I’m too busy to workout. But I’m like, “hey, back off bruh, you don’t know my life.”

Because, let’s be honest, until you are standing over a hot stove, sweating, while cooking food for one little person and pumping breast milk out of your boobs with a ridiculous hands free bra attachment for the other little person, 3+ days unshowered, with 3 year old pee pee dried on the back of your thighs and infant spit up in between your boobs, all while replying to work emails on your phone, then I’m sorry, don’t talk to me about busy. I will chuck these boiling green peas at you, which is probably more productive than offering them to my kid as “food.”

The main reason that sign bothers me is that it makes me want to type all that crap out anyway. Like we need more reasons to show off our busyness to everyone. Let’s just collectively stop ok? We are all busy. Too busy. Some of us are busy with babies and toddlers and little leagues. Some of us are busy with jobs and deadlines and clients. Some of us are busy with homework. Every once in a while, someone is “busy” with traveling a lot and mysteriously manages to pay their bills. Whatever.

The point is, busyness isn’t a competition. It’s an unhealthy addiction. I’ve for years been too busy to blog. Finally one day I realized, I am more busy now than ever with two kids and a job and this season won’t be ending anytime soon so I should just start now. So here we are.

I really don’t know what this blog is going to look like in 1 year. It might have sketchy cobwebs all over it because in a few days I’ll be like “LOL I can’t do this I’m too busy.”  It may be making me 6 figures of income. #prayersup

Maybe it will just be a space where I type out all the things in my head to see if anyone cares. But I will try to make it a thing. It’s in my heart. And in all honesty, I’m desperately needing to lean into that more these days…

Since this is Blog Numero Uno*….I’d really like your feedback. What would you like me to write about? I like writing about my family, my work, worship…But give me specifics. Would you read it? This is probably breaking blog rules but since I’m ignorant to that anyway, I don’t really care. Let me know your thoughts.


*not technically uno. it’s technically dos. and I technically wrote this a year ago and never posted it. cheers to all the irony guys.